• S10mike

    A buddy of mine just picked up a Composit T32 Talon for his Vector. Seems very well built, very stout lugs, hooks good. Not many miles on it yet, but he loves it.

  • Madmax

    That is a pretty good option track. One of my doo 850 buddy’s replaced his 3” doo track with it and has really liked it. Seems to work just as well as the doo 3” in the same length. We weighed it before installing and it was about 50lbs for the 2.6 lug, 3.5 pitch 165 length.

  • Brotherdan

    Well I very happy with my composit track!I installed the talon 32 15x136x1.25 on April 12th 2018. I put 1200 miles on in quebec before studding had no problems. I installed 108 woodys gold diggers 1.325 up the middle in standard v pattern. I had 620 miles since studding track came apart yesterday. It looks like it started on the outside. running a mono 2 skid 1.5 inches of track freeplay. I haven't called mfg yet but believe no warranty due to studs. There warranty is 2 years on this track model although it says stud friendly I'm sure it won't be covered.

  • Doo 67

    I just got back from my last ride of the season and discovered my track is done. Was wondering if anyone has any experience with a T32S. My current track is an ice attack 1.22 which I really liked.

  • Gulahus

    Would be great to hear some real World testing of this Talon 67. It’s the only other option for 165 G4 Summit X with 3,5 pitch. Unfortunately they do not make the Talon 66 for 165 with 3,5 pitch, it would be my choise. Really like the idea about track with both hard and shoft lugs.

  • Guenther

    If you haven't purchased yet, take a look at the Composit Talon 38. I've had two of them and they both been awesome, plus much less than competitive tracks on the market.

  • Digcat

    I put a 1.5" Talon on and have 1600 miles plus on it so far and can't be happier. This track hooks up so much better as well as stops quicker than the Rip2 it came with. I have seen no drop in speed and gas mileage is darn near same if not better at times. Guessing based on less spinning than the Rip2? The other thing noticed is sled seems to run cooler. Can't say for sure but is it poss the track is tossing more snow keeping it cooler? At same time I added Vespel slides so that could be a factor as well. No regrets on Talon so far. Will be adding one to wife's ZR 7000.

  • Ted Irniq

    Great tracks, bought 2 t45 for our 3300 km trip across Canada's north. We had to pull all of our gear and fuel between the communities and the tracks held up great.

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